Enhancing Smart Healthcare Delivery

May 3rd, 2018 | Bangalore

The Indian health care market is currently valued at US$ 70 billion and is projected to grow to US $280 billion by 2020m with a CAGR of of 21%. The growth of the healthcare industry in India has been fired up largely by the growing and ageing population, rising economy, increasing income levels and changing disease burden, more towards lifestyle diseases. This will be a major factor driving up healthcare spending in the country.

Despite of its impressive growth, the Indian healthcare scenario remains a puzzle. On one hand we have world class hospitals, state-of-the-art technologies, highly qualified doctors and certain health care centers are attracting patients from all over the world while on the other hand the average Indian patient faces high prices, inadequate access, and inconsistent quality.

Being one of the largest sectors on account to revenue and employment the market continues to rise in demand. To cater to this growing demand companies across the world have resorted to technological advancements. These advancements in India are to be focused and channelized to ensure maximum outcome. Streamlining this is a mammoth task and every entity needs to play and understand its role to cope and deliver healthcare.

Healthcare Technology Summit 2018 (HTS-2018) is an exclusive platform where emphasis is on top quality Hospitals, Laboratories and Surgeons who want to be at the forefront of providing Quality Healthcare by “Enhancing Smart Healthcare Delivery” into their systems. These Doctors are the change makers and trend setters who will get to develop different benchmarks on Healthcare Delivery. They are not only from major cities but the larger most essential Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities across South India. The platform helps strategically to identify the most technologically advanced solutions that can be integrated. It focuses on how to engage Healthcare providers to develop and use Technology and Innovation with a futuristic approach. Join this Platform to be the change and make a difference in Healthcare Delivery. Experience the latest trends, innovations and technologies through keynote presentations, round table & panel discussions. Expect Great Networking that leads to Greater Business.

HTS-2018 manifests enhancements in delivery of healthcare through targeted hospitals, laboratories and clinics. HTS-2018 will address the new challenges and opportunities that arise from information technology in healthcare. It will showcase the latest innovations, trends and technologies; facilitate new collaborations and partnerships to generate new ideas and thought process. It is also a one-stop shop bringing the entire eco-system together under one roof. Healthcare Strategies will be explored and executed accurately with the right understanding on the following subjects: -

• Technology-enabled care (TEC)
• Electronic medical records (EMR)
• mHealth / eHealth
• Digital health
• Telemedicine/ Telehealth/Telecare
• Portal technology
• Remote Monitoring Tools

• Sensors & Wearable technology
• Wireless Communication
• Real-time Locating Services
• Nuclear medicine
• Robotic technology
• IoT/ IoE

• 3D Printing
• Big Data/ Data Analytics/ Data Aggregation
• Hospital Management Information Systems (HMIS)
• Picture archiving and communication system (PACS)
• Remote installation services (RIS)
• Hybrid Technology

Know about the latest trends, innovations and technologies through keynote presentations, round table & panel discussions. Discuss the issues that matter you the most.

These sessions are devoted to discussing the challenges, pressing issues, such as the current market situation, funding and technological trends amongst others

Presentations by industry leaders will help attendees to understand the intricate dynamics of post-global-crisis opportunities and strategies.

Thorough research is conducted with the industry's leading solution providers & users to understand the latest challenges, threats, innovations and opportunities. An advisory panel that includes industry leaders recommends program topics that have been identified as the critical issues & challenges faced.

Great Networking leads to Greater Business - position yourself at the centre of influence; cultivate mutually beneficial relationships by reaching out to a large & diverse group of attendees who are looking for your Product/Solution/Service.

Meet face-to-face with Industry leaders throughout the day. They have the technology solutions that could potentially solve your expressed security problems. Business meetings are exclusively set in advance and are held to fit the current priorities & preferences. All meetings will take place in private, five-star business environment.